4 Handy Glass Splash Back DIY Installation Tips

12 September 2017
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Do you want to install a glass splash back as the final step of a kitchen remodel? Read on and discover some useful tips that will enable you to complete the installation of the splash back without any mishaps. Consider Expansion and Contraction The temperature around the glass splash back is likely to rise while you cook and fall when you finish cooking. That fluctuation will cause the glass to expand and contract. Read More 

4 Tips for Specifying Backpainted Glass Splashbacks

11 September 2017
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Homeowners should keep several tips in mind when they are specifying a custom back-painted glass splashback for their kitchens. This article discusses some of those tips that will enable you to get the best splashback for your needs. Review the Colour Choice The glass that can be used to make your kitchen splashback comes in different thicknesses. The thickness of the glass used can have an effect on the appearance of the colour that you have selected. Read More