The Different Types Of Mirrors

9 October 2017
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Mirrors work by reflecting light in a way that creates a very similar image to the original object being reflected. You use mirrors in your day to day life be it grooming yourself, you might be one to enjoy the benefits of a telescope that utilises mirrors for its application or even cameras that utilise the use of mirrors. A reflective coating is applied on the regular glass as it has properties that are easy to use when making mirrors such as transparency and rigidity. There are different types of mirrors. They include, low aluminum mirrors, aluminum glass mirrors and decorative glass mirrors.

  1. Low Aluminum Mirrors – These types of mirrors are coated with silver as well as protective paint on the backside of the mirror. The silver coating ensures that the mirror lasts when used. This kind of coating and protective layer give a very clear reflection thus a very precise image especially when dealing with natural colours. This is one of the most common types of mirrors as you probably use it for your everyday grooming.
  2. Aluminum Glass Mirrors – Here, a powdered vacuum coating is used to create a floating glass that makes up these types of mirrors. Since aluminum is a reactive metal, aluminum glass mirrors are exposed to corrosion reducing the time these types of mirrors last. The biggest merit to using aluminum is that it is very affordable and does not require a lot of maintenance. However, when aluminum corrodes to produce aluminum oxide, it is very transparent making it very useful. The oxide also acts to prevent more oxidation which is an added advantage.
  3. Decorative Glass Mirrors – These types of mirrors are commonly drafted by just the use of hands. This leaves room for creativity as mirrors can be made in different shapes. The thickness of a given mirror can also be made to adopt to a specific type of design. The advantage is that these types of mirrors can be made to match and balance the specific décor in your home giving it an aesthetic touch. They can be placed anywhere depending on how you want them placed. This can range from the bathroom to the fireplace or even the entry to your own home. These types of mirrors double up as a form of art. If you are looking to add more depth and life into your home, decorative glass mirrors should be your best bet.