Why More And More People Are Switching To Aluminium Frames On Their Windows

23 November 2021
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For a long time, wooden frames were far and away the most popular on windows across most of the world. Wood was a cheap resource to gather and could be moulded very easily to whatever shape you needed. However, with modern manufacturing as it is now, this has largely shifted, and now more processed materials that are better at doing the same job as wood are more prevalent. No material is quite as apt or useful as a frame for glass windows as aluminium. If you are considering getting some new windows in, here is why you should go with the modern choice.

Very Lightweight And Cheap

It cannot be understated that aluminium is one of the most common metals around and very easy to source either from natural mining or recycling. It is also extremely lightweight while maintaining a very strong internal rigidity that means it doesn't warp or shift over time when affected by elements like rain and strong winds. This lightweight nature also makes it quite simple to install, even in quite awkward positions that would make wooden frames quite challenging to put in place. For a budget-conscious shopper, there is no better material, but that is not all to who aluminium appeals to. 

Modern Design

Modern house designs incorporate a lot more metal surfaces than timber. Whether it is because metal is easier to clean and keep in good condition, or simply because of the unique appearance and shiny colour combination that underlines a more minimalist design. Whatever the case may be, aluminium glass windows do fit more into a modern design language than wooden window frames will, and they can still be customised if you wish. From matte black to shining, reflective silver, aluminium frames cover the entire spectrum and there is something for everyone.

Hold Out Against The Elements

In a country with as much wild weather as Australia, it makes sense to try and find a material that can survive and still look good as frames on external windows. Aluminium does not rust and is very easy to keep clean when compared to something like timber, which gets soggy and mouldy after a few years when the protective coatings wear off. Yes, you will still need to clean your aluminium glass windows every now and then, but that is simply to remove surface dirt and gunk, which will quickly come off with a few good swipes at it. 

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