A Simple but Informative Guide to Glass Splashbacks

7 October 2019
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Glass splashbacks not only give your home an elegant and luxurious look, but they also have a functional role. If this is your first time considering glass splashbacks, you need to have some information that will guide you in choosing the correct ones. Where Can You Use Glass Splashbacks? You can apply glass splashbacks to your bathroom, bathroom vanity, shower, laundry room, kitchen, kitchen counters and anywhere else you can use ceramic or glass tiles. Read More 

Choosing Your Splashback Material

16 June 2019
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A kitchen's splashback is more than just decorative! A splashback protects the walls behind a stovetop and sink from food stains and grease splatter and help stop a stovetop fire from spreading. Splashbacks can also add a touch of colour or texture to the kitchen, bringing together the cabinets and benchtop materials. If your home's kitchen needs new splashbacks, consider some pros and cons of today's popular materials. Be sure to discuss your choices with a contractor or decorator so that you know you're happy with all your new kitchen surfaces for years to come. Read More 

Kinds Of Decorative Glass For Frameless Showers

23 January 2019
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The advantage of frameless showers is the way you can customise them to suit your particular bathroom. You might have already decided on the location and size of your shower, but more decisions await. Are you going to use decorative glass, and if so, what type? Clear, Low-Iron Glass Of course, you can just go with clear glass for an ultra-sleek look. While that sounds like a straightforward decision, things don't end there. Read More