A Simple but Informative Guide to Glass Splashbacks

7 October 2019
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Glass splashbacks not only give your home an elegant and luxurious look, but they also have a functional role. If this is your first time considering glass splashbacks, you need to have some information that will guide you in choosing the correct ones.

Where Can You Use Glass Splashbacks?

You can apply glass splashbacks to your bathroom, bathroom vanity, shower, laundry room, kitchen, kitchen counters and anywhere else you can use ceramic or glass tiles.

If you have a gas top stove, glass splashbacks can protect your wall from mould, crumbly grout and slimy oils. You can easily wipe them clean after cooking. Glass splashbacks make cleaning easier and guarantee a more hygienic kitchen.

The fact that splashbacks can be toughened makes them usable in many spaces. Toughening means making them stronger to avoid breaking. Toughening has to meet particular Australian toughening standards. You need to check for number markings, which act as a form of proof that the Australian standards have been met.

What Are Your Choices?

You can come across coloured, mirror, printed (design or natural) or metallic glass splashbacks.

Coloured splashbacks have a particular colour. You can have them coloured in red, blue, silver, brown, black, gold, etc.

Mirror splashbacks bounce light and reflections around the room they are installed in. They open up the room to make it look bigger and brighter.

Printed splashbacks have unique patterns that make them have unique appearances. You can choose a natural look, have an image printed or have a 3d effect.

Metallic splashbacks simply give an elegant metallic appearance.

Choose a Qualified Glass Splashback Company

This is crucial because you want your glass splashbacks installed correctly. Toughened glass splashbacks cannot be drilled; therefore, you want the correct measurements to be taken. You also want all spaces sealed to prevent the entry of moisture and eliminate the chances of mould growth. To guarantee this happens, you need a qualified and reliable glass splashback company.

How do you know a company is reliable? You might need to have a sit down with a representative and talk about your needs. See if the representative listens to you and guides you. Are you given options? You also need to see reviews from previous clients. Check review sites and also ask for pictures of the previous work that the company has done for other clients.  

For more information, contact a local glass splashback company.