When Is It Time to Replace the Glass In Front of Your Commercial Building?

23 September 2017
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When it comes to maintaining your commercial property or storefront, you may not give much thought to the glass in the front of the building, as long as it's not broken or otherwise damaged. However, new or upgraded glass can offer your business some great advantages, and the glass may not need to be outright broken for it to be in poor repair. Note what this means, and why you may want to consider replacing the glass in front of your commercial building:

It can't come clean

If the glass on your storefront can't seem to come clean, this often means it's scratched and etched, and that dirt has then settled into those tiny scratches. You may not see these small scratches or any such etching on the glass, but once the dirt and dust settle into those tiny pits and pores, it's very difficult to get the glass clean again. If your building's glass always seems dull and dim or looks if it's covered in a layer of dust even after it's been cleaned, it's time to replace the glass.


To save on energy costs, upgrade the glass on the front of your building to something thick and that reflects heat and light. This will keep your building's interior cool, and reduce trapped body heat so that your store or restaurant doesn't feel stuffy and uncomfortable during busy times.


Upgrade to a tough safety glass if there have been break-ins near your business, or if you're looking to reduce your insurance costs, as your insurance carrier may reduce your property theft coverage rates if you upgrade to a tougher glass. Ask them about any potential savings before you begin shopping, and if there are certain types of glass you would be required to get a reduction in insurance costs.

Older glass that doesn't meet certain safety standards should also be replaced; this glass may break into dangerous shards when shattered, putting your employees and your customers at risk. If you're not sure how old the glass is, or if it meets safety standards, have it replaced.


Darker glass can give your commercial building a unique look, but it can also cut off the view to the inside of the building, so that potential customers may keep walking rather than being impelled to come inside. If you've had the building repainted, consider new glass with a tint to match the new paint, so your building looks its best and all its features match and coordinate.

Contact a commercial glass service for more information and assistance.