Windscreen Replacement Care Tips

12 April 2021
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A crack on your windscreen is enough to render your vehicle unroadworthy. Driving such a car is dangerous to you, pedestrians, and other motorists. Therefore, you should replace a cracked windscreen as soon as possible to prevent fines and avoidable accidents. Notably, you should take good care of a replacement windscreen to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future. Sadly, most motorists do not know how to handle windscreen replacement, especially first-time car owners. This post highlights windscreen replacement care tips, which every motorist should be aware of.

Wait Before You Drive 

Replacing your broken windscreen with a new one can be exciting, and you might want to get into your vehicle and drive away immediately. However, it is a wrong move for various reasons. For example, windscreen replacement relies on a strong adhesive to hold the glass in place. Therefore, it is imperative to give the adhesive enough time to dry properly before driving a car. Ideally, auto technicians advise car owners to wait at least an hour after replacement before driving off. Waiting allows an adhesive to create a watertight enclosure around a windscreen for enhanced performance, even in the rain.

Avoid a High-Pressure Car Wash

Usually, a car wash is the last thing on your mind when you take your vehicle for windscreen replacement. However, you will struggle to fight the urge to wash your car once you see the spotless replacement. At least you'll want the rest of the vehicle to match the brand-new windscreen. Unfortunately, high-pressure washing will damage the moulding on your windscreen or cause it to shift. Water will also weaken the fresh adhesive, increasing the chances of your windscreen coming off when you least expect. You can avoid the trouble by washing your car manually using a cloth and soapy water after a few days.

Leave the Retention Tape

Windscreen technicians agree that the adhesive they use dry within a few hours. However, they still use a retention tape to help hold windscreen moulding as the bond between the glass and car frame continues to toughen. Since the tapes are not aesthetically appealing, most motorists prefer to remove them immediately they get home. However, doing it exposes the seal to the elements and interferes with the drying process. The best thing to do is leave the retention tape on for a day or two. It helps the glass to retain its position as the adhesive continues to cure.