Why Glass Is Always Preferable To Plastic When It Comes To Shower Screens

25 August 2020
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Shower screens are an important part of every bathroom, as they allow you to wash every part of your body without fear of splashing onto the otherwise dry surrounding areas. When it comes to designing your shower screen, however, there are two main choices: glass or plastic. These two materials have been in a battle for shower screen royalty for decades, but in truth, there is only one option you should ever realistically choose. Here are three reasons why a glass shower screen should be the first priority for your new bathroom.

Stronger And More Durable

Yes, it might sound strange to hear that your glass shower screen is actually stronger than the plastic alternatives but the reason is simple: glass is a lot heavier and the type that is used in situations like this are specially treated so they are as strong as possible. While you may not ever shatter a plastic shower screen, you could easily bend it and snap it out of place if you accidentally lose your balance and lean on it. With a glass shower screen, this is unlikely to ever happen. Also, because glass shower screens are often frameless, they don't tend to wear out their fixture, as many plastic shower screens will over time. 

Far More Beautiful

There is no doubt that a glass shower screen is just more pleasing to the eye than a plastic shower screen is. For one thing, your glass shower screen will reflect and refract natural or artificial light in a way that creates an often dazzling effect, particularly at twilight hours. Plastic will only ever have a muted version of the same effect, and most plastic shower screens don't do this at all. Furthermore, glass looks far better when it is sparkling clean, unlike plastic, which will always feel a little bit cheaper, for obvious reasons.


While plastic tends to go in and out of favour, glass is never out of style when it comes to designing a home. A glass shower screen can last decades and still be as in demand as ever when it comes time to sell your home. If you are thinking long-term, then it is better to invest in fixtures you know will last the test of time, rather than trying to save a few bucks and having to put up with second best. Glass shower screens will still be just as fashionable in 100 years as they are today, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that this was a wise choice. 

For more information on glass shower screens, reach out to a local glass company.