Why Having A Glass Splash Back Takes Your Kitchen To The Next Level

9 June 2020
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Trying to design the perfect kitchen is an almost impossible task. There are so many individual preferences and big-ticket items which you have to organise that when it comes to the small details, you can easily overlook them. One of these details is the splashback, which protects your kitchen wall from all the rigours of cooking and food preparation. However, splashbacks can also be a major artistic piece that ties the whole room together, and no material does that better than glass. Here are three reasons why glass splashbacks elevate your kitchen more than other materials.

More Options For Design

Glass splashbacks can be given a whole range of colours and patterns, and their flexibility dwarfs all the other materials combined in this category. Their glossy finish means they shine beautifully throughout the day and do not soak up any of the valuable light at night. If you want a more traditional look, then glass comes out ahead as well, with plain white or black still looking very dapper. For those with granite slabs or other glossy kitchen workspaces, it can look as though the whole kitchen area is crafted out of a single, seamless piece of material. 

Easy To Clean

While splashbacks can be artistic features, what they absolutely must be is a functional part of your kitchen. They are there to protect your houses structural elements, like the wall, from water and other liquids. To that end, they need to be easy to clean as they will get soaked in all kinds of pasta sauce, oil splatter, meat juices and so on. Glass has always been a very easy surface to clean because it is not porous in the slightest. Also, it does not rust like metallic variants can. All you need is the same spray you use on your windows, and you can clean any glass splashback in seconds.  

No Fading

The other popular type of splashback material is stainless steel, but over time it grows dull with constant exposure to light and the numerous cleanings it endures. Glass does not grow dull, and you can tell that by looking at the oldest pieces of glass in your house. If you clean them, they look as good as new. There is no unremovable patina or fading. The pattern and colours stay vibrant for decades after they are installed, which makes them a great option for those who are looking to start a family home. 

If you are interested in glass splashbacks, contact a supplier in your area.