Frameless Glass Shower Screens - Your Questions Answered

30 June 2018
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If you have been deliberating on ways to transform your bathroom without having to change the entire space, you may have come across frameless glass shower screens as a suitable alternative over shower curtains. However, some people may be sceptical about installing glass in their bathroom considering how fragile regular annealed glass is. What these individuals may be unaware of is that frameless glass shower screens could provide even more safety in their bathroom than having shower curtains in place! The following article answers a few of the most frequently asked questions surrounding frameless glass shower screens.

Why are frameless glass shower screens a popular choice?

When it comes to interior décor, homeowners typically gravitate toward supplies that will either complement or enhance the aesthetic choices they have already made in their bathroom. For instance, if you love floral patterns, it is likely you will choose floral shower curtains to match this theme. Nevertheless, having a consistent theme in your bathroom may also make it harder to locate shower curtains to precisely match your design since these enclosures are not usually custom designed. Frameless glass shower screens, on the other hand, blend in with any design choice you have made. Their apparent popularity can be attributed to their unobtrusive transparency makes them an ideal fit for any bathroom.

Will the frameless glass shower screens wobble?

Since these enclosures are frameless, some people may be baffled as to how they will stay in place without one of the panels falling at an inopportune moment. What may surprise you about frameless glass shower screens is their incredible sturdiness. There are multiple ways that your contractors can anchor these enclosures in your bathroom. The most common solution is through pressure fitting the panels in place by the use of metallic brackets that are directly bolted into the flooring and the walls. Thus, the glass shower screens are not at risk of breaking, even when exposed to impact. Furthermore, since the brackets are discreetly inserted into the structural elements surrounding the glass screens, you can still be assured that the finish of your enclosure will be seamless.

Will the frameless glass shower screens prove hazardous?

As aforementioned, people associate frameless glass with fragility mainly due to annealed glass. However, this is not the same type of glass that is utilised to manufacture these shower screens. Instead, frameless glass showers screens are made from termed glass that has been put through high temperatures and pressure to increase their integrity. In the unlikely event that the glass cracks, it will stay in place rather than shatter to the floor.