4 Tips for Specifying Backpainted Glass Splashbacks

11 September 2017
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Homeowners should keep several tips in mind when they are specifying a custom back-painted glass splashback for their kitchens. This article discusses some of those tips that will enable you to get the best splashback for your needs.

Review the Colour Choice

The glass that can be used to make your kitchen splashback comes in different thicknesses. The thickness of the glass used can have an effect on the appearance of the colour that you have selected. It is therefore prudent for you to review the colour on the glass of the required thickness so that you confirm that its appearance matches what you want to see once the glass splashback has been installed. Only consent to the production of the splashback once you are satisfied with the appearance of the colour.

Select Water-Based Paint

You also have to choose the kind of paint that you would like to be used when the back-painted splashback is being made. Opt for water-based paint when you are specifying the custom splashback. Water-based paint is better because it usually has fewer volatile organic compounds when compared with oil-based paint. In this way, you will reduce the amount of potentially harmful substances that may be given off after the splashback has been installed in your home.

Pay Attention to Hole Locations

You can ask the supplier to make a splashback with holes or shapes for different purposes, such as installing power outlets or kitchen accessories. Make sure that you select those hole locations carefully. Those holes should not be very close to the edge of the glass. This is because holes that are close to the edge of the glass can increase the likelihood of cracks developing from that hole to the edge of the glass. Work with the supplier to determine the ideal locations for those holes or shapes.

Get Samples

Always ask for samples that have been made to the specifications, such as edge and surface finishes, which you have selected. Pay for those samples in case the supplier is unable to provide them free of charge. Those samples will enable you to confirm that the finished product will be exactly what you had in mind when you were selecting those specifications.

Listing the desired specifications is just half the job of having the splashback of your dreams. The other half of the job covers the installation of the product. Hire a professional for this task so that you avoid making a mistake that will put to waste all the resources that went into specifying the glass splashback.